What Is Thermal Imaging

If you are having problems with your roof or you are experiencing issues with your plumbing, you assume that roofers and plumbers are able to find the problem right away; however, when there are issues with your roofing, plumbing, or other areas of your home that are hidden, it can be hard to know where to look. That’s where thermal imaging comes in. Thermal imaging or infrared thermography detects thermal radiation by using cameras that pick up on small trace amounts of heat. The reason that this type of thermography is essential is that it is able to pick up on things that we can’t see, either because it’s in the dark or because it is hidden. To learn more about thermal imaging, we have collected answers to the most asked questions.

Thermal Imaging Questions

Thermal Image Camera Detecting a Heat Leak from the Window

A Thermal Imaging Can Be Used for All Sorts of Things!

The best thing to do when you don’t know about a subject is to ask questions. Thermal imaging isn’t something that is talked about in regular conversation unless that is part of your job, so asking questions about it can offer more insight into the subject. Questions like, “How much does thermal imaging cost?” and “How much does an infrared electrical inspection cost?” are pretty common, and we will get into those types of questions and more.

What is thermal imaging used for?

The biggest question that people will ask is, “Why is thermal imaging used?” Because many people don’t know what it is, it’s important to know why it is used in order to understand the importance and purpose. There are so many people who use thermography and there are a number of reasons why they need to use it.

  • Gas Leak Detection: A thermal imaging camera can be used to detect the presence of a gas leak.
  • Leak Detection: Sometimes water leaks can be hidden, this is a helpful way to find them without damaging someone’s property.
  • Moisture Detection: Another great way to use thermography is by detecting levels of moisture.
  • Mold Detection: When there is a hidden leak or moisture, that can also mean that there is hidden mold; thermal imaging will be able to find it.
  • HVAC Maintenance: It can check a heater or air conditioners pipes, ducts, and other components.
  • Car Inspection: These types of cameras can be used to check for leaks, overheating, and uneven temperatures in cars.
  • Air Leaks: To avoid cool or warm air leaving your home, you can check to see if there are any leaks with this type of camera.
  • Surveillance: Law enforcement can use this to find someone who has left the scene of a crime.
  • Fire Detection: This thermal camera can determine if a fire is actually out or if it will start up again.
  • Animal and Pest Detection: If you think you have animals or pests in your home, this can determine if they are actually present.

This doesn’t even hit the surface of all the things that thermal imaging is used for; there is so much that this type of thermal camera can do to keep people safe, as well as make jobs a lot easier.

Can Thermal Imaging Detect Moisture?

Technician Using a Thermal Imaging Camera To Check the Temperature

Thermal Imaging Can Detect Moisture, Leaks, and So Much More.

Another great question that is asked about thermal imaging is whether it can detect moisture. The answer is yes! Because this type of thermal camera can pick up traces of heat, it can detect where mold is growing. This is so important as mold can not only damage our homes and businesses, but it can be very bad for our health. Mold removal companies are able to use this type of device to find mold and take the next steps in order to remove and clean it. While thermal cameras are used to detect moisture, thermal imaging to find water leaks is also popular. When there is any amount of heat, the cameras are able to pick up on that, thus being able to find water leaks and moisture.

What Is the Best Thermal Imaging Camera?

People who are interested in thermal imaging, always want to know what the best thermal imaging equipment on the market is. There are so many brands out there that provide a wide range of really great thermal cameras. The best brands out there right now are FLIR, Seek Thermal, and Fluke. These brands all offer a variety of cameras to choose from. The best camera for you is going to depend on how much you want to spend, as well what kind of specifications you want for your thermal imaging camera.

Thermal Imaging Vs Infrared

Thermal imaging and infrared can sometimes be confused because they can both detect the temperature of something. While they both have that in common, they are used for different things. Thermal cameras are able to measure the temperature of something, whereas infrared cameras collect and measure infrared light waves. When there isn’t a lot of light around, thermal imaging is a great camera to use because all it needs is the presence of heat. In regards to infrared cameras, they are used to detect any type of issues within your home like mold. Each of them detects something, so its really going to depend on what needs to be found.

If you are needing to find air leaks or you want Plano, TX roof inspections, the best thing you can do is call a company who offers thermal imaging services. At Dimensional Drones, we are able to provide thermal imaging for leaks in Austin, TX, so give us a call at (512) 402-8877 if you need our assistance.