Moisture Scanning & Wall Leak Detection

Wall Leak Detection

We Can Detect Water Leaks Hidden Behind the Thickest Materials.

When a pipe springs a leak out in the open, it attracts quick notice. Pipes that begin to leak behind walls or the ceiling, on the other hand, can do significant damage before obvious signs appear. This becomes especially true in large commercial properties, where the sheer amount of space makes regular inspections impractical. As a building owner, you should familiarize yourself with the signs of a hidden water leak, and call Dimensional Drones for moisture scanning and wall leak detection.

At Dimensional Drones, we employ advanced technology to quickly identify and locate hidden water leaks. If you have any suspicions about a water leak, we can easily confirm or dismiss your anxieties. We can also perform scheduled inspections as preventative maintenance. Whereas many contractors find themselves limited to inspections of drywall, we have the tools to fully inspect anything, including stucco and brick. For wall leak detection in Austin, TX, call us today at (512) 402-8877.

Signs You Need Wall Leak Detection

Wall Leak Detection

Our Scanners Will Reveal Leaks as Distinct Areas Within Your Walls and Ceilings.

All commercial building owners should familiarize themselves with the signs of a hidden water leak. Since leaks can seriously degrade your structure, you should try and remain continually aware of these indicators.

Smell of Mildew: Dampness behind walls creates optimal conditions for the growth and proliferation of mold. While mold will eventually appear in the open, your nose can prove a valuable tool for its early detection. If you smell mildew anywhere in your structure, you probably have a leak.

Pest Infestation: If your building suddenly seems crawling with roaches, earwigs, or silverfish, you likely have a significant hidden leak. This becomes especially true if you have never dealt with a pest infestation before. Water, moisture, and humidity attract bugs like these, and give them a reason to make a home in your building.

Unusual Sounds: Though smaller leaks will remain silent, larger ones generate audible signs of their presence. The telltale sound of running water, even when you know all taps remain closed, provides a clear indicator of trouble behind your walls. You may also notice a stutter or ping when you open a tap as the result of air that has entered a leaking pipe.

Reach Out to Our Team

If you suspect a problem with a hidden water leak, Dimensional Drones offers premier detection services. Our thermographic tools provide a fail-safe method for the location of any moisture or leaks behind the sturdiest stucco or brick walls. While other methods may fail, you can count on our service for wall leak detection in Austin, TX. For more information or to schedule service, give us a call today at (512) 402-8877.