RWS Scanner in Austin, TX

Wall Scanner

The RWS Roof and Wall Scanner Offers a Reliable Way to Detect Leaks.

Moisture contained within a structure's roof and walls will quickly reveal itself to an RWS Roof and Wall Scanner. At Dimensional Drones, we proudly provide our clients with the benefits of RWS analysis. Commercial structures can especially benefit from the RWS, as it expedites the thorough inspection of expansive areas. Since the presence of moisture will lure pests, RWS analysis can also locate the source of an infestation.

As with any tool, the RWS benefits from expert use. Dimensional Drones, in addition to its mastery of drone scans and surveys, also employs the RWS to the highest standards of its potential. For the total inspection of your commercial structure, trust in our use of this premier roof and wall scanner across Austin, TX. For more information or to schedule an inspection, call us at (512) 402-8877.

Benefits of the Roof and Wall Scanner

Wall Scanner

Hidden Water Leaks Can Do Significant Damage. Our Services Provide a Rapid Means for Detection.

Versatility: We can employ the RWS in a wide range of capacities to identify any number of moisture-related issues. For commercial roofing, our roof and wall scanner provides a non-invasive strategy to rapidly find trouble areas. The RWS also works on walls, from stucco and brick, to those built with EIFS systems. If your structure needs to undergo water restoration, we can scan both before restoration to identify persistent moisture, and afterwards to ensure the comprehensiveness of the work. You can additionally trust our RWS services to inspect a structure for leaks or moisture problems prior to purchase.

From Leak to Source: If you know you have a water leak, but do not know its source, the RWS can trace its pathway. This makes our scanner a multi-purpose tool suitable not only for inspections, but also for the resolution of current leaks. Wherever a pool of water or moisture stain may appear, the RWS can follow the trail of water back to the problematic pipe or spot on the roof. This makes repairs a cinch, as you can immediately and quickly point to the source of the issue.

In addition to its employment across roofs, we also specialize in RWS scanning for stucco and brick walls.

Call for Fast Service

Dimensional Drones remains available continuously for RWS work. If you have suspicions about a leak, want a building inspected, or need to find the source of an active leak, we’re your team for the job. No commercial property is too big for our service as a roof and wall scanner for Austin, TX. To learn more or set up service today, call us at (512) 402-8877.