Commercial Roof Thermal Imaging for Leaks

Thermal Imaging for Water Leak Detection

Any Commercial Roof Can Benefit from Our Thermal Imaging Services.

At Dimensional Drones, one of our premier services comes from our use of thermal imaging for water leak detection. If you own a commercial structure, you can benefit a great deal from the use of this service on your roof. As a certified LVL 1 Thermographer, Dimensional Drones has more than just the tools for thermal imaging: we also have the experience and skills to put them to effective use. 

Thermal imaging can both detect leaks and trace a leak back to its source. This allows for faster repairs, as you can simply point your contractor toward the problem. If you suspect a leak in your commercial roof, do not delay a call for our services. Water leaks can seriously degrade a roof and your structure, and quickly worsen if repair needs are ignored. For thermal imaging for water leak detection in Austin, TX, reach out to our team today at (512) 402-8877.

Thermal Imaging for Water Leak Detection

Thermal Imaging for Water Leak Detection

Thermal Imaging Can Reveal Many Particularities About a Structure, Including the Presence of Moisture or Water.

Thermal imaging refers to the use of infrared technology to detect differences in temperature. Thermal patterns appear in every structure, as components like insulation, wood, and concrete all register differently. Water and moisture also create a distinct thermal impression. This technology can detect moisture-related problems such as mold, and also the presence of water leaks themselves behind walls, ceilings, or roofs. 

At Dimensional Drones, we pair thermal imaging technology with the use of drones to provide the most comprehensive available picture of a commercial roof. We specialize in this service and employ all technological components on a master level. Though water leaks will eventually create visible signs within a structure, they will also cause significant damage beforehand. Our thermal imaging for water leak detection finds problem areas quickly and allows you to make repairs before substantial damage occurs.

To protect the value of your building investment, you can always schedule thermal water leak detection with our team as preventative maintenance. Of course, if you’ve already noticed signs like water stains on your ceiling, drips, puddles, or a mold infestation, contact us immediately to find the source of the leak.

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Dimensional Drones represents the experts with thermal imaging for water leak detection in Austin, TX. Our team quickly and reliably locates any water leaks across a commercial roof, regardless of the roof’s size or depth of the leak. To learn more or schedule this service with our team, give us a call at (512) 402-8877.