Infrared Drone Scans for Commercial Roofs

Infrared Roof Inspection

Our Drones Allow for an Unparalleled View and Comprehensive Analysis of Your Commercial Roof.

Thermography, also known as thermal imaging, has provided a tool for roof inspection for over 40 years. The advancement of drone technology now allows for the use of IR in a whole new, more comprehensive way. At Dimensional Drones, we have expertise as both a certified LVL 1 Thermographer and FAA Pilot. This combination of skills makes us uniquely qualified to serve your needs for a comprehensive infrared roof inspection via drone flight throughout the Dimensional Drones area.

An infrared inspection can find moisture more reliably than any other method. Hidden moisture within a roof can penetrate through weakened seams, or at weak points such as flashing or joints. As the moisture persists, it continually damages your roof, to the extent that it creates more opportunities for water penetration. Eventually, your entire roof will degrade and create the need for replacement. To prevent this unfortunate circumstance, contact Dimensional Drones today at (512) 402-8877 for an infrared roof inspection in Austin, TX.

Advantages of Infrared Roof Inspection

Infrared Roof Inspection

For the Infrared Inspection of Large Commercial Areas, Nothing Beats a Drone.

Fast: Infrared roof inspections, especially those that utilize the maneuverability and perspective of a drone, can occur quite rapidly. This becomes especially useful for large commercial structures or many structures that need an inspection together.

Reliable: The unique properties of water in regards to heat make possible the use of infrared technology for roof inspections. Throughout the day, your roof absorbs heat from the sun. Since water absorbs heat differently than the surrounding roofing materials, it presents a different, readily apparent thermal signature.

Non-Invasive: Traditional roof inspections require the physical presence of an inspector on your roof. This alone can render damage to a roof, in addition to whatever testing methods are employed. As for leak detection, this almost always involves an invasive procedure to locate the heart of the problem. With a drone-enabled infrared inspection, your “inspector” stays in the sky, where it can create a strikingly comprehensive picture of your roof.

Don’t Delay Your Call

If you suspect any problems with your roof, contact us today at (512) 402-8877. Dimensional Drones can provide infrared inspections via a drone scan that gets to the heart of many roofing issues. For moisture, in particular, our scans prove particularly valuable. For an infrared roof inspection in Austin, TX, trust the regional experts at Dimensional Drones.