Commercial Roof Claims Thermographer in Austin, TX


Our Infrared Scans Can Reveal Damage That Traditional Inspections Will Miss.

Dimensional Drones presents an affordable option for commercial building owners who want to avail themselves of infrared roof scan services. As a Level 1 Thermographer, we can correctly and quickly interpret all data received from the IR scan. You can find no more comprehensive solution for a roof inspection, thanks to our masterful use of drones.

If you need to make an insurance claim for your commercial roof, our roof scans will provide a valuable aid in the process. In addition to moisture and water leaks, an infrared roof scan can reveal areas of heat loss from insufficient insulation, along with the presence of pests. Dimensional Drones provides for the expert use of this technology to provide a full and detailed picture of your roof. If you find yourself in need of a commercial roof thermographer in Austin, TX, give us a call now at (512) 402-8877.

Why You Need a Licensed Thermographer


Thermography Provides a Consistent, Reliable Way to Detect Water Leaks and More.

Put simply, the use of infrared technology reveals things that traditional inspections will miss. When it comes to a commercial roof claim, you want as comprehensive a picture as possible of your roofing damage. The last thing you want is to settle with the insurance company, only to have an undetected leak create more damage. When it comes to storm damage, signs are not always obvious. Wind damage, for example, can create stress points on a roof that become prime areas for water penetration.

While anyone can point an infrared camera at a roof, you need a trained, licensed thermographer to accurately interpret the received information. Certified personnel produce higher quality scans, and can more accurately parse the data to avoid costly mistakes. Again, when it comes to insurance claims, comprehensiveness is key. Since trapped moisture can easily hide between layers of a roof, choose an infrared inspection as part of your next insurance claim procedure. As for the talent of your thermographer, you can trust in Dimensional Drones as the regional leader for drone-based thermographic scans.

As components of our infrared drone scans and commercial roof inspections, we provide:

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At Dimensional Drones, we stand ready to serve your needs for commercial roof thermal imaging. If you plan to begin an insurance claim, call us first to provide your comprehensive inspection. This will save you both time and headaches,┬áincreasing the likelihood of your claim’s success. For an expert commercial roof thermographer in Austin, TX, trust the experts at Dimensional Drones. To learn more or schedule service, give us a call at (512) 402-8877.