Infrared Roof Scan Pricing

Infrared Water Leak Detection

Drone IR Scan Provides a Budget-Friendly Alternative for Large Roof Scans.

The primary job of a roof is to resist the intrusion of water. Once a roof becomes compromised in this regard, you need quick repairs to salvage it and prevent extensive damage to your commercial structure. Most roof inspections thus focus on the existence of leaks or factors that can allow future leaks to occur. An IR scan excels at the location of moisture, and our drone-enabled infrared water leak detection provides a highly comprehensive picture of a roof’s condition.

Together, these factors make an infrared roof scan a highly cost-efficient way to pursue a roofing inspection. At Dimensional Drones, we specialize in the use of aerial drones to provide a thorough and complete picture of the state of a roof. If you find yourself in need of an inspection for an insurance claim, want to perform preventative maintenance, or need to locate a leak, you can not find a cheaper service that matches our comprehensiveness. To learn more about our services and, in particular, infrared water leak detection in Austin, TX, call us at (512) 402-8877.

Pricing for Infrared Water Leak Detection & More

Infrared Water Leak Detection

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Compared to a traditional roofing inspection, an infrared roof scan can save you money in several ways. Before you schedule your next inspection or water leak detection, consider the benefits of a scan.

No More Guesswork: A traditional, sight-based inspection and water leak detection effort depends solely on the judgment of the inspector. Since people cannot see behind walls or beneath roofs, guesswork comes into play for the location of a hidden leak or trapped moisture. An infrared roof scan removes this guesswork from the equation. An inspector who misses a water leak or trapped moisture makes a costly mistake. To avoid getting stuck with the bill, consider the assurance that an infrared scan offers.

Increases Your Roof’s Lifespan: A new roof costs serious money. Regular IR scans can save commercial property owners a great deal, as they reveal hidden problems before damage occurs. In the case of trapped moisture or water leaks, this becomes all the more important, as the persistent presence of water will spell the doom of any roof.

Other Benefits: In addition to these, an infrared roof scan is entirely tax deductible as preventative maintenance. As an auxiliary benefit, an IR scan will also reveal areas where your roof loses heat. This allows you to make changes that can save you money on monthly utility bills.

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At Dimensional Drones, we enjoy that we can save our clients money through our infrared commercial roof scans. For the highest level of service in thermography, you can trust in our certified team. The next time you need an inspection or infrared water leak detection in Austin, TX, give us a call at (512) 402-8877.