Infrared Moisture Detection in Austin, TX

Infrared Moisture Detection

We Offer IR Scans and Moisture Detection for any Commercial Roof, Large or Small.

At Dimensional Drones, our thermographic surveys and infrared moisture detection is conducted at the highest levels of expertise. Leaks and trapped moisture alike will become revealed through our infrared roof inspections. If not diagnosed, either of these issues can majorly impact a roof, to the extent that total replacement becomes necessary. Our drone-enabled, aerial surveys provide inspections that achieve an unbeatable degree of thoroughness. If your commercial roof contains any moisture, our drones and expert team will find it.

When it comes to infrared technology, anyone can buy a scanner or camera and put it to use. It takes a professional to accurately parse the data, however. In addition to this, roof-level inspections can only cover so much ground, and cannot provide a comprehensive picture of the whole roof at once. Dimensional Drones’ certification as a Level 1 Thermographer ensures the accuracy of our reports, while our licensing as an FAA pilot means we can employ drones as powerful tools. To learn more about infrared moisture detection in Austin, TX, reach out to our team today at (512) 402-8877.

Why You Need Infrared Moisture Detection

Infrared Moisture Detection

We Can Locate Leaks and Moisture Issues Long Before They Impact the Interior of Your Structure.

Buy with Confidence: One of the premier uses for infrared moisture detection comes prior to the acquisition of a new property. Roofing repairs, especially those related to water damage, can prove very expensive. To prevent hidden issues from impacting your investment, have an infrared survey completed on any structure you plan to purchase. Moisture problems can prove difficult to detect in their early stages. Ironically, this represents the best time to find them, as you can take steps to fix the issue before extensive damage occurs. An IR scan affords a quick, easy, and affordable solution, as Dimensional Drones can peer beneath the surface of a roof to find any moisture-related problems.

Make Informed Decisions: When it comes to capital resources, business owners should always make informed decisions. Aside from its value as a purchase tool, an IR scan and moisture detection can help you make targeted repairs to extend the life of a roof. We can rapidly identify areas vulnerable to moisture, which allows you to make targeted repairs. Our services can also act as preventative maintenance against issues like mold and leaks, two problems that can prove exceptionally troublesome for commercial structures.

Infrared roof leak detection represents one of our premier services, with important benefits and exceptional cost-efficiency.

  • Infrared Roof Leak Detection Our infrared technology allows us to get the heart of a troublesome leak. We can quickly identify problem areas and trace leaks to their source.
  • Infrared Roof Scan Pricing IR scans are remarkably cost-efficient for everything they accomplish. In addition to the affordability of the service, our scans save you money elsewhere.

Regional Leaders for Service

At Dimensional Drones, we stand as your leaders for infrared moisture detection in Austin, TX. For an affordable service that leaves your roof well protected, you cannot beat our drone IR scans. To learn more about our services, ask any questions whatsoever, or schedule service, give us a call today at (512) 402-8877.