How Infrared Scanners Detect More Accurate Roof Leaks

Infrared Scanner Roof Leak Ice Dam

An Infrared Scanner Can See Leaks In Roofs From Situations Like Ice Dam Build Up

If you notice dripping water from your ceiling, you have a major roof leak problem. This could have been prevented with annual roof inspections for your Austin, TX home using an infrared scanner called an RWS scanner. Ordinary roof inspections rely on human eyes and trained professionals to spot hidden leaks under layers of roofing material, but with an RWS scanner, infrared technology can see through the material to find wet spots, guaranteeing a more precise inspection. For more information on how moisture and leaks can be found in walls and roofs during a roof inspection by using a RWS scanner, call Dimensional Drones at (512) 402-8877.

How To Spot a Leak In Your Roof

If you do think you have a leak in your roof, but you are not sure where, here are some ways you can help pinpoint the general location:

  • Missing or broken shingles easily allow water to penetrate the now-vulnerable and bare roof decking
  • Water stains on ceiling will help you pinpoint the leak location
  • Look around your chimney, gutters, and other parts of your roof where there could be gaps that water can slip through
  • Mold or algae growing on top of or under your shingles
  • If there is sunlight shining through your attic, find the hole where light is coming in
  • Clogged gutters leave ponding water that can seep through your roof
  • Ice dam build up after a heavy snowstorm leads to melting snow and leaking roofs
  • Roof valleys are the places where two slopes meet, so water can easily pool in between the ditches

General maintenance and routine roof inspections using an infrared scanner will help prevent expensive and frustrating leaking roof problems.