Why Is Your Commercial Flat Roof Leaking?

Flat roofs are an exceptional commercial roofing choice for a number of reasons. They are sturdy and they offer years of protection. However, like many roof materials, flat roofs are susceptible to damages. One of the biggest causes of damage is from roof leaks. But why is your commercial flat roof leaking? To learn more, keep ready to find out why your commercial flat roof might be leaking.

Water Ponding

Why Is Your Commercial Flat Roof Leaking?

Why Is Your Commercial Flat Roof Leaking? Find Out Here!

When a flat roof doesn’t have an adequate draining system, it can lead to water ponding, which is the incapacity to shed or drain water off the roof. Because of this, it can cause commercial flat roof leaking issues.

Roof Damage

While a flat roof is very sturdy, it can still become damaged. Roof damages can happen because of constant UV ray exposure, the changes in temperature or even severe weather can cause cracks and blisters on the roofing material. These can cause water to seep beneath the roof material and into your building.

Inadequate Flashing

Although the roof is completely flat there are other things like vents and pipes that can be present on the roof. When these components don’t have the proper flashing around them, water can seep into the areas where the vents and pipes are.

Old Age

A flat roof that is past it’s prime can have plenty of damages. Common damages are cracks, poor flashing, and moisture, all of which can cause water to find itself in your building.

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