Benefits of an Infrared Roof Inspection

Roof Inspection

When You Pair IR Technology with a Drone, You Have a Powerful Tool for Commercial Roof Inspection.

If you own a commercial structure, an infrared roof inspection can provide many different benefits. Aside from IR’s capability to reveal hidden issues, you can avoid a few key pitfalls associated with regular inspections. If the time has come for another inspection of your commercial roof, you’ll definitely want to consider the benefits of IR technology.

Less Invasive

Traditional roof inspections are inherently invasive. The presence of someone on your roof, regardless of how careful the person attempts to be, will naturally cause some amount of wear and damage. When it comes to the location of leaks and moisture-related problems, the inspector may have to damage your roof further. An infrared scan negates the need for core samples or other practices. Additionally, with infrared scans performed from above by drones, you negate the need for a physical presence on your roof.

More Comprehensive

An infrared roof inspection can reveal hidden issues that will elude the most expert traditional inspector. Water represents the primary threat for most roofs. Since water absorbs and disperses the sun’s heat at a different rate from roofing materials, water within your roof will stand out in a thermal image. This provides for a much more comprehensive review of a roof, its issues, and any hidden dangers.

Fast and Easy

A drone-enabled infrared scan can cover much more territory than a physical inspector. When it comes to large commercial structures, or facilities that contain many buildings, this makes a big difference. You can also generally save money as compared to the cost of a traditional inspector.

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