Cienegas Terrace, TX Infrared Roof Scan

Infrared Roof Scan

We Offer a Masterful Source for Aerial Inspections and Drone-Enabled IR Scans.

Wherever you are throughout Texas, a single statewide expert is available for an aerial roof survey or infrared roof scan. Dimensional Drones has a extensive range of experience, all the necessary licensing, and the premier equipment you want for a fail-safe review of commercial roofing. Our scanners and cameras will isolate trapped condensation, water damage, and leaks. An unrivaled perspective stands as the benefit of our putting these devices onto advanced drones.

Dimensional Drones cares primarily for the best interests of its customers. We proudly offer a premier service for the unbeatable defense of a commercial roof. We can additionally satisfy the function of commercial roof consultants or inspectors. If you demand transparency, reliability, and exactness for a project, you can depend on our crew. The subsequent time you have any requirement for our services, including an infrared roof scan in Cienegas Terrace, TX, feel free to call us at (512) 402-8877.

Infrared Roof Scan and Moisture Surveys

Our infrared roof scans and moisture surveys allow our team to peer deeply underneath the surface of your commercial roofing system. All commercial roofs must deal with the danger of water. A roof will quickly deteriorate as it invades. Your roofing system can furthermore trap moisture underneath its surface, an adverse scenario that many inspectors will not see. Our drones use infrared technology in their approach to make a complete search for trapped water and all leaks. You can count on this review even if further symptoms haven’t yet become obvious. Preventative maintenance can subsequently save you both resources and stress.

Commercial Roof Thermographer

Commercial Roof Claims Thermographer

The expert use of IR technology can soon find any trapped moisture, leaks, or water damage. Our inspections may find unseen damage to include as part of an insurance claim. Dimensional Drones, as an official Level 1 Thermographer, can accurately check IR analysis to pinpoint any issues. For the premier employment of our skill with infrared analysis, we additionally possess FAA pilot licensing and Part 107 compliance for the commercial use of drones.

Consulting and Inspections

Commercial Roof Consultant

When you require a commercial roofing consultant, you can believe that Dimensional Drones will honestly defend your interests. Our wide and varied familiarity with the commercial roof world makes us an excellent pick to lead you through a major roofing job. We can continually stand up for your best interests, unlike some roofing providers that care more for their bottom lines. We can also provide the services of a commercial roof inspector. We supply exact service for both standard surveys and those required for insurance claims.

RWS Scans

RWS Scanner

The RWS Roof and Wall Scanner stands as an additional valuable tool at our disposal. With this, we will precisely, rapidly, and reliably review your walls for hidden leaks and moisture troubles. Business owners who have suffered through a mold infestation can definitely acknowledge the value of this work. Our talent with this tool extends to cover even stucco and brick walls.

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The optimal solution for your commercial roof requirements is Dimensional Drones. Our selection of offerings leaves us an important partner to guard your commercial roof. Get in contact with our team at (512) 402-8877 for all of our services, such as an infrared roof scan in Cienegas Terrace, TX.