Austin, TX Infrared Roof Scan

Infrared Roof Scan

We Offer a Masterful Source for Aerial Inspections and Drone-Enabled IR Scans.

For an infrared roof scan or airborne roof inspection in the state of Texas, there exists just one master. Dimensional Drones supplies an unbeatable review of a commercial roof, due to its extended experience, certifications, and premier equipment. If a commercial roof possesses trapped moisture, water damage, or leaks, our scanners and cameras will find out. Our commercial drones can convey these pieces of equipment far above the earth to afford an unrivaled perspective of commercial roofing systems.

Dimensional Drones is concerned mainly for the best interests of its clientele. We proudly supply an exceptional service for the peerless protection of a commercial roof. We can also fulfill the function of commercial roofing consultants or inspectors. If you employ our team for one of these tasks, you can count on honesty, dependability, and thoroughness. For any inquiries, or to schedule an infrared roof scan in Austin, TX, give us a call now at (512) 402-8877.

Infrared Roof Scan and Moisture Surveys

Any commercial roof will yield up its inner secrets to our team’s infrared roof scans and moisture surveys. All commercial roofing systems must handle the danger of moisture. Its entrance will start the rapid deterioration of a roofing system. Your roofing system can furthermore hold moisture beneath its surface, a damaging circumstance that many contractors can miss. With our team, a drone will fly over your roofing system to complete a comprehensive review for leaks and trapped rainfall. You can depend on this review even if additional symptoms haven’t yet become apparent. This enables you to do preventative maintenance that will save you valuable resources.

Commercial Roof Thermographer

Commercial Roof Claims Thermographer

When employed by a specialist, IR scans offer an excellent manner to reveal water damage, trapped moisture, and leaks. Our inspections can reveal concealed issues to include as part of an insurance claim. As a certified Level 1 Thermographer, Dimensional Drones possesses the training and skill to astutely go over infrared scans for any signs of problems. Our FAA pilot license and Part 107 compliance also lets us put this skill to its premier employment with the employment of drones.

Consulting and Inspections

Commercial Roof Consultant

For the guardianship of your interests, pick Dimensional Drones as a commercial roof consultant. Any commercial roofing project can profit from our guidance, as we have exceptional experience with the commercial roofing industry. We can continually defend your best interests, unlike some roof companies that care more for their profit margins. When it comes to roof inspections, we can additionally provide for those. We supply rigorous work for both standard surveys and those necessary for insurance matters.

RWS Scans

RWS Scanner

The RWS Roof and Wall Scanner allows another of our first-rate services. The RWS permits us to speedily and accurately review your walls for unknown leaks or moisture-related issues. If you have ever struggled with a mold infestation, you can likely appreciate the advantages of this offering. Our talent with this tool covers even stucco and brick walls.

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At Dimensional Drones, we stand able right away to service any desire for commercial roofing inspection. For any issue that you encounter, from leaks and storm damage, to insurance processes, we represent a worthwhile help. If you need any of our specialties, such as an infrared roof scan in Austin, TX, give us a ring at (512) 402-8877.