Edna, TX Infrared Roof Scan

Infrared Roof Scan

We Offer a Masterful Source for Aerial Inspections and Drone-Enabled IR Scans.

Texas has one undisputed expert for an infrared roof scan or aerial roof review. Dimensional Drones offers an exceptional review of a commercial roofing system, due to its extensive experience, licensing, and superior tools. If a commercial roof suffers from trapped moisture, water damage, or leaks, our scanners and cameras will find out. Our peerless perspective on commercial roofing systems and their analysis arrives from our ability to install these pieces of equipment on commercial drones.

Dimensional Drones always caters to the best interests of its clients. Commercial roofs that benefit from our work gain an unparalleled amount of guard. We also supply our services as commercial roof inspectors and consultants. If you require transparency, reliability, and comprehensiveness for a task, you can trust in our team. You can continually contact our team at (512) 402-8877 when you have any inquiries or want to find time for an infrared roof scan in Edna, TX.

Infrared Roof Scan and Moisture Surveys

Through our moisture surveys and infrared roof scans, we can detect what is going on inside of any commercial roofing. All commercial roofing systems must handle the threat of rainfall. Its entrance will commence the quick breakdown of a roofing system. Your roofing can additionally hold moisture below its surface, an unfortunate situation that many contractors will miss. With our service, a drone will fly over your roof to create a comprehensive analysis for leaks and trapped moisture. Even if further symptoms have not yet appeared, you can rely on this service. This allows you to enact preventative repairs to save you valuable resources.

Commercial Roof Thermographer

Commercial Roof Claims Thermographer

Leaks, trapped moisture, and water damage will quickly show themselves to an IR inspection done by a master. When one considers insurance claims, an inspection from a licensed thermographer will locate issues that otherwise could have remained hidden. As a licensed Level 1 Thermographer, Dimensional Drones possesses the training and expertise to correctly go over infrared scans for all indicators of issues. For the best use of our abilities with infrared analysis, we also have FAA pilot licensing and Part 107 compliance for the commercial use of drones.

Consulting and Inspections

Commercial Roof Consultant

For the defense of your interests, pick Dimensional Drones for a commercial roof consultant. Any commercial roofing project can benefit from our guidance, as we possess a great deal of experience with the commercial roofing industry. Many roofing providers care more about their bottom lines than their customers, but we will continually defend your best interests. We can also provide the services of a commercial roof inspector. Our comprehensive work will bring peace of mind for both standard inspections and insurance matters.

RWS Scans

RWS Scanner

The RWS Roof and Wall Scanner represents another valuable piece of equipment available for our use. With this, we will precisely, speedily, and reliably review your walls for unknown leaks and moisture issues. This service’s clear value should be immediately clear to those who have contended with a mold problem. Our expertise in this regard includes any type of wall, including brick and stucco.

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At Dimensional Drones, we remain able now to cater to any desire for commercial roof inspection. For any problem that you face, from storm damage and leaks, to insurance claims, we stand as a worthwhile help. If you need any of our offerings, such as an infrared roof scan in Edna, TX, give us a call at (512) 402-8877.