San Leon, TX Infrared Roof Scan

Infrared Roof Scan

We Offer a Masterful Source for Aerial Inspections and Drone-Enabled IR Scans.

If you need an aerial roof survey or infrared roof scan in Texas, pick the statewide expert. Dimensional Drones provides an unbeatable review of a commercial roof, thanks to its lengthy experience, licensing, and superior tools. Our cameras and scanner equipment will detect and locate not only leaks, but also trapped moisture and water damage. Our unrivaled perspective of commercial roofing systems and their analysis comes from our ability to equip these tools on advanced drones.

The paramount concern for Dimensional Drones is the satisfaction of its customers. Commercial roofing systems that gain advantages from our work gain an peerless level of defense. We can additionally satisfy the role of commercial roof consultants or inspectors. Our performance with these jobs comes with our typical honesty, comprehensiveness, and dependability. Should you necessitate an infrared roof scan in San Leon, TX, or have any queries about our work, give us a call at (512) 402-8877.

Infrared Roof Scan and Moisture Surveys

With our moisture surveys and infrared roof scans, we can reveal what is going on inside of any commercial roofing. Rainfall acts as a premier menace for any kind of roofing system. A roof that water enters will start to quickly deteriorate. Many contractors do not possess the tools to locate rainfall caught within a roofing system. Should you hire us for work, one of our commercial drones will soar above your roof to supply a detailed check-up that includes infrared scanning for leaks and trapped moisture. Our help can even reveal these problems before clear symptoms become obvious. You can then do preventative repair to stop additional harm and expense.

Commercial Roof Thermographer

Commercial Roof Claims Thermographer

The expert employment of IR technology will soon showcase any trapped moisture, leaks, or water damage. If you are getting ready for an insurance claim, work from a certified thermographer may reveal unapparent degrees of damage. Dimensional Drones, as a licensed Level 1 Thermographer, can correctly check infrared analysis to pinpoint any problems. For the premier use of our expertise with infrared analysis, we additionally possess FAA pilot licensing and Part 107 compliance for the commercial use of drones.

Consulting and Inspections

Commercial Roof Consultant

If you wish for a commercial roof consultant who will reliably look out for your interests, choose Dimensional Drones. With wide knowledge of the commercial roofing world, we are the perfect choice to lead you through a roofing job. Many roofing providers care more for their bottom lines than their customers, and we shall continually guard your best interests. We can also provide the services of a commercial roof inspector. We provide rigorous work for both standard surveys and those necessary for insurance reasons.

RWS Scans

RWS Scanner

Another worthwhile tool at our disposal is the RWS Roof and Wall Scanner. Through this, we will accurately, quickly, and dependably review your structure for concealed leaks and moisture troubles. Business owners who have dealt with a mold problem can assuredly perceive the value of this service. Our expertise in this practice extends to any kind of wall, including brick and stucco.

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The perfect answer for your commercial roof requirements is Dimensional Drones. We stand as a worthwhile partner for many problems you might deal with, from storm damage, to insurance claims and leaks. Get in contact with us at (512) 402-8877 for all of our work, such as an infrared roof scan in San Leon, TX.