La Feria, TX Infrared Roof Scan

Infrared Roof Scan

We Offer a Masterful Source for Aerial Inspections and Drone-Enabled IR Scans.

For an infrared roof scan or airborne roofing system inspection in the state of Texas, there exists only one leader. Dimensional Drones enjoys a wide level of experience, all the invaluable licensing, and the advanced equipment you want for a rigorous inspection of a commercial roof. Our scanning and camera equipment will detect trapped condensation, water damage, and leaks. An unrivaled perspective stands as the advantage of our putting these tools onto commercial drones.

Dimensional Drones is concerned mainly for the best interests of its clients. We proudly offer a premier service for the peerless protection of a commercial roof. We also offer our services as commercial roofing inspectors and consultants. Should you require honesty, reliability, and exactness for a project, you can depend on our crew. You can continually reach our team at (512) 402-8877 should you have any inquiries or need to set up an infrared roof scan in La Feria, TX.

Infrared Roof Scan and Moisture Surveys

We can look deeply into any commercial roof with our moisture surveys and infrared roof scans. Moisture acts as a primary menace for any variety of roofing system. Its invasion will start the quick breakdown of a roof. If rainfall exists trapped within your roofing, many contractors will simply not catch it. With our team, a drone will soar over your roofing to render a comprehensive analysis for leaks and trapped rainfall. This service will even find issues that haven’t yet yielded obvious symptoms. You can subsequently save yourself further expenses and stress with preventative repairs.

Commercial Roof Thermographer

Commercial Roof Claims Thermographer

Leaks, trapped moisture, and water damage will quickly reveal themselves to an IR review pursued by a master. If you are getting prepared for an insurance claim, an inspection from a certified thermographer may reveal hidden layers of damage. Because of our licensing as a Level 1 Thermographer, we can correctly identify trouble with the analysis of IR scans. FAA pilot licensing and Part 107 compliance for commercial drone use enables us to put our infrared expertise to its premier employment.

Consulting and Inspections

Commercial Roof Consultant

When you necessitate a commercial roof consultant, you can trust that Dimensional Drones will transparently defend your interests. If you need guidance or advice for a commercial roofing project, rely on our varied experience. Many roofing companies care more for their profit margins than their clientele, and we will always defend your best interests. When it comes to roof inspections, we can additionally provide for those. Our thorough service will supply peace of mind for both regular inspections and insurance claims.

RWS Scans

RWS Scanner

Another powerful piece of equipment at our disposal is the RWS Roof and Wall Scanner. With this, we will precisely, quickly, and dependably study your structure for unknown leaks and moisture problems. If you have ever struggled with a mold infestation, you can likely acknowledge the advantages of this offering. Even stucco and brick walls are targets for our expertise in this regard.

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The optimal answer for your commercial roof requirements is Dimensional Drones. We represent a worthwhile ally for many issues you could face, from storm damage, to leaks and insurance claims. When you need any of our specialties, such as an infrared roof scan in La Feria, TX, give us a call at (512) 402-8877.