Infrared Roof Scans for Texas

Dimensional Drones offers a selection of services for commercial roofs. For our clients throughout Texas, we provide infrared moisture detection and surveys, thermal imaging, and flat roof inspections. We also bring our full expertise with commercial roofs to bear on our work as commercial roofing consultants. Lastly, we can scan the interior and exterior of a business for any moisture-related issues thanks to our services with an RWS Roof and Wall Scanner. For these services and more, you can count on us as the regional experts.

We currently offer service across the state of Texas, including the following counties:

Our primary goal stands as the protection of our clients’ commercial roofs. We understand that a commercial roof represents a serious investment, and we go above and beyond in our efforts to serve. For hidden dangers like water leaks and moisture entrapment, you will find no better location service than Dimensional Drones. Our drones can soar high above the ground to afford a comprehensive view of any commercial roof. Equipped with cameras and infrared scanners, our drones will capture views of a roof that can reveal any number of issues which a traditional inspector might miss. When you need a practically infallible inspection to find leaks or support an insurance claim, count on the dependability of our team. To¬† learn more or schedule service, give us a call today at (512) 402-8877.