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Dimensional Drones

Our Aerial Inspections Provide an Unparalleled View of a Commercial Roof.

Based in Austin, TX, Dimensional Drones provides infrared leak detection and moisture surveys across the state. We provide these services for commercial clients that want to preserve the integrity of their roofs and structures and maintain the value of capital investments. Thermography presents a powerful tool for the inspection of commercial roofs for moisture-related issues. When paired with drones, this service provides an unparalleled view of your roof and any extant problems.

Our exceptionally qualified team is fully insured and compliant with the FAA’s Part 107 regulations for the commercial use of drones. To guarantee the quality and exactness of information you receive, we also employ certified infrared thermographers. Our certifications as FAA Pilot #3969068 and Level 1 Thermographer #151312 ensure the quality of our work, and provide our clients with greater peace of mind. To learn more about the services of Dimensional Drones in Austin, TX, give us a call today at (512) 402-8877.

Our Services at Dimensional Drones

Dimensional Drones

Based in Austin, Dimensional Drones Offers Its Services Across the State of Texas.

At Dimensional Drones, we provide a range of services for commercial clients. Regardless of what you need, you can expect a consistent level of excellence.

Infrared Roof Moisture Survey & Inspection: Our premier service, an infrared roof moisture survey can reveal both hidden leaks and moisture trapped within your roof. Either of these can create serious problems for a commercial structure. Our aerial inspections provide a comprehensive view of your roof and any problem areas or concerns.

Commercial Roof Claims Thermographer: As certified thermographers, we have the experience and education to accurately parse all infrared data. Inexperienced contractors who use infrared cameras and scanners may not understand their proper use, and can misinterpret IR images. When it comes to issues of moisture with commercial roofs, these can prove costly mistakes.

Commercial Roof Consultant: In addition to our work with drones and thermography, we also serve as expert roofing consultants. Before and throughout a major roofing project, whether a replacement, new installation, restoration, or extensive repairs, we can provide invaluable advice and guidance.

RWS Scanner: We can also employ a Roof and Wall Scanner in the analysis of your structure’s interior. These devices can peer through walls, even stucco and brick, to locate moisture issues. If you suspect a hidden water leak, we can quickly and accurately pin down the source of the trouble.

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We represent Texas’ premier choice for infrared scans, aerial inspections, moisture surveys, and commercial roof consulting. Whether you need the help of Dimensional Drones in Austin, TX, or anywhere throughout the state, we stand ready to serve. To learn more or schedule a consultation, give us a call today at (512) 402-8877.