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FAA Compliant Drone Services

Dimensional Drones is FAA certified and trained to safely and legally, pilot an unmanned aerial system. We are insured and utilize state of the art software to plan, execute and document all flight missions. Infrared certified thermographers and veteran commercial roofing contractors as pilots is what truly makes the Dimensional Difference.
All pilots must be certified as Level 1 Thermography imagers with a minimum of five years of thermography experience to qualify to fly for Dimensional Drones.


Infrared Imaging

The availability of drone capabilities has made drone acquired infrared moisture surveying easy and economical. From leak detection, roof management, warranty compliance and energy efficiency surveys, Dimensional Drones is the leader in commercial roof moisture studies in Texas.



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Impedance Moisture

In addition to the use of infrared imaging, Dimensional Drones also utilizes other technologies such as the Tramex RWS meter. This practice dials in on the infrared imaging more tightly and provides confirming data that an area of roof is in fact wet as seen by the thermograph. Dimensional Drones is a state of the art leak detection service for commercial building and real estate clients.


Commericial Roofing Consulting

Dimensional Drones only employs the brightest and most experienced minds, not only in thermography and drone piloting, but also in commercial roofing. A minimum of seven years in commercial roofing contracting is required to be a pilot for Dimensional Drones.


What we love to do

Infrared Moisture Surveys;
Flat Roofing

Whether you're buying or selling a building, knowing what lies within the flat roof assembly can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Dimensional Drones has saved over 100 million dollars in roofing through infrared roof moisture surveys to date!

Warranty Compliance Roof Surveys

A layover retrofit system may be just what your commercial roof needs. But, before you cover that old roof, it is critical to ensure there is no wet roofing being trapped by the new roof system. Dimensional Drones can ensure your warranty remains valid by providing documentation of a roof survey being done prior to installation.

Commercial Roof Maintenance - Ponding Water

Ponding water on a flat roof is almost inevitable. However, wide spread ponding can cause serious degradation to your flat roof system and often a new, wider perspective can really demonstrate how bad the ponding really is. Before and after images of a roof modification is great documentation of a commercial roofing repair's success.

Insurance Claims-
Proof of Insurable Damage

When catastrophe strikes, it may take a large insurance claim to become whole again. Identifying insurable damage and an accurate understanding of the extent of damage is critical for a satisfactory claim. Dimensional Drones offers valuable imaging and commercial roofing expertise to ensure all data is properly obtained, analyzed and communicated with your insurance carrier.


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